Some Things Are Precious

There is the ordinary, and then there is the extraordinary. Precious stone is certainly the latter. While on a material hunt at Galleria of Stone in Denver, CO, I was lucky enough to be exposed to the remarkable world of precious stone.

I had spent a couple hours perusing the remarkable warehouse filled with beautiful materials. I thought I had it all figured out. I was going to use this material here, and that material there. Then, my lovely and all so tactful sales rep directed me into “the vault”. Upon entering, I was breath taken. An entire room was used to display the most beautiful materials I have ever seen. All materials within the “vault” are categorized as precious stone produced by the Italian company Antolini.

Some save precious stones for their jewelry; others put it on their walls. Row after row there were remarkable slabs of tigers eye, quartz, amethyst, agate, petrified wood. You name it, the list goes on… Until this point, I had never imagined using these materials in the application of a counter top. My creative mind was sent into a whirlwind.


I learned these slabs are produced by slicing the raw gemstone into thin pieces. The slices are polished and laid out next to one another to form a slab shape. Epoxy is then poured onto the thin pieces creating a durable slab. Any stone that is translucent has the capability of being backlit. The epoxy used in the creation of these slabs makes them incredibly durable. This means it can be used in limitless applications such as flooring, countertops, sculpture, and wall coverings. Imagine the possibilities!

Yes, this material is very high-end. It does not come cheap. But, it is not only extraordinary in its naturally stunning qualities; it is also rarely found in interior applications. I was fortunate enough to utilize a few precious stones in our Red Mountain Vista project. The materials truly forced me to stretch my imagination to places unknown to me. The material is so striking! It speaks for itself in the images.

kitchen precious stone detail